Are you the doting parents of a cute little baby? If so, you must be thinking of ways to ways to pamper your little one. We have just the thing to make your baby feel special and unique in more ways than one. Baby shower curtains, customized to your preferences to fulfil your desires. You can have your baby’s name printed on the curtains, their date of birth or any other message of your choice. It’s something your baby will always remember you for. Here’s our top 7!


1. Customized Shower Curtain, Cartoon Shower Curtain, Jungle Animals Theme Custom Shower Curtains

Customized Shower Curtain, Cartoon Shower Curtain, Jungle Animals Theme Custom Shower Curtains

Your baby will be joining the animals in the jungle with this vibrant shower curtain. Colourful, cute and incredibly eye-catching, it will instantly brighten up any baby’s bathroom. The cute animals printed on this shower curtain will be your baby’s friends for life. Maybe you could give them names, like Gessy the Giraffe or Travis the Tiger! Get this personalised with your baby’s name printed. You’re going to feel proud of your little one when you see them smiling at the sight of this shower curtain.


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2. Cartoon Fish Shower Curtain, Personalized Shower Curtains for Kids, Funky Shower Curtain

Cartoon Fishs Shower Curtain, Personalized Shower Curtains for Kids, Funky Shower Curtain

Let your child become a sea creature amongst the many printed on this baby shower curtain. It’s not only colourful, this shower curtain educational and is sure to get your thinking cap on too, when your little one starts to ask you the names of the sea animals depicted on this curtain. Your baby will be learning and splashing away with fun, with this curtain.


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3. Personalized Shower Curtain, Shower Curtain with Jupiter and Saturn, Bathroom Shower Curtain

Personalized Shower Curtain, Shower Curtain with Jupiter and Saturn, Bathroom Shower Curtain

Perfect for the inquisitive baby. This baby shower curtain with planets and the Statue of Liberty will look great in the bathroom of the growing baby. They’ll be showering and appreciating the universe. A beautiful shade of yellow, peach and orange set on a dark blue background is sure to bring warmth into their bathroom and they’ll be keen to learn more about the planets for sure!


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4. Unique Cat Shower Curtain, Cartoon Cats Shower Curtain, Fun Shower Curtain, Bath Curtain

Unique Cat Shower Curtain, Cartoon Cats Shower Curtain, Fun Shower Curtain, Bath Curtain

Meeoooowww. Which little catty does your baby want? So many cats to choose from. Your little baby will be drooling in excitement when they see this shower curtain fitted in their bathroom. So many felines printed on one shower curtain, they will become your baby’s new pets and will do wonders in adding a new dimension to your baby’s shower. Play a game with this shower curtain, ask your baby which is their favourite cat, tell them yours, give them names, are there any two the same and so on. It will surely be a rewarding experience to see your baby blush with happiness.


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5. Funny Shower Curtain, Custom Fabric Shower Curtains, Girls Shower Curtain, Interesting Shower Curtain

Funny Shower Curtain, Custom Fabric Shower Curtains, Girls Shower Curtain, Interesting Shower Curtain

With vivid flowers and butterflies around the border of this baby shower curtain, this blank canvas allows you to express your feelings for your little one. Tell them they’re special, they’re adorable, they mean the world to you, that you love them or simply write a funny message with their name. Your bonding with your baby will start from right here, with this message. Bonding is an important human instinct that gives babies a sense of security and self-esteem. What will your message be?


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6. Shower Curtains Custom, Boys Basketball Shower Curtain, Interesting Shower Curtain, Funny Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains Custom, Boys Basketball Shower Curtain, Interesting Shower Curtain, Funny Shower Curtains

We all know boys love to play basketball. Your baby boy’s cheeks will flush with excitement when they see this shower curtain. Created aesthetically using sombre colours this shower curtain will definitely add style and character to your baby boy’s shower.


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7. Funny Shower Curtains, Mermaid Shower Curtain, Mermaid Friends, Long Shower Curtain, Kid’s Shower Curtain

Funny Shower Curtains, Mermaid Shower Curtain, Mermaid Friends, Long Shower Curtain, Kid's Shower Curtain

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a little girl’s best friend is a mermaid. A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Little baby girls love to see mermaids on TV and you can bring them to life for your baby with this shower curtain. Your girl will make friends with all three depicted on this curtain. With brown, blonde and blue hair, your little baby will get to know all three and will soon have a best friend in a magical world. Personalize this curtain with your baby girl’s name.


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The search doesn’t stop here, explore our range on our website. There’s a wide variety to choose from and the shower curtains can be personalized with a message of your choice. We all love babies, and your little baby is absolutely worth a baby shower curtain.

Personalized duvets cover can elevate the sanctuary-like feel of your bedroom. Whether you choose a classic monogram or create a collage of special photos, custom duvet covers will bring a smile to your face as you slip into bed each night. Not only are personalized duvet covers perfect for your special home, they also make a unique gift option most people would never have dreamed of. Choose from a vast variety of designs that are cool and classic and be sure to find a personalized duvet that will complement the rest of your décor.

Make yourself comfortable with our beautiful personalized duvet covers made from materials known for their natural softness, breathability, and durability. The following duvet covers which come in an array of soft and soothing solid shades delivers supreme comfort throughout the year and adds a cozy-chic layer to your bed.



Personalized Blue Bedding, Monogrammed Comforter, Personalized Bedding Toddler, Monogrammed Duvet Cover Toddler

This monogrammed blue bedding duvet cover comes in the perfect dorm bed size and it’s great for any sports or athletic-themed room. Looking for comfort? Its super soft cotton bottom side makes them incredibly comfortable. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t fade, making them stylish and long-lasting. It is also made with environmentally friendly water based dyes that makes it eco-friendly.

The monogrammed blue bedding is easy to wash. It is machine washable, can be tumble dry and the best part is it doesn’t fade. It comes with a toddler bedding of 42 x 58 inches, twin bedding of 68 x 88 inches, twin XL bedding of 68 x 90 inches. It gets bigger with a queen bedding of 90 x 90 inches, king bedding of 90 x 104 inches and a pillowcase that is 30 x 20 inches big.



Personalized Bedding, Green Monogrammed Duvet Cover for Girls or Boys, Personalized Duvet Cover or Comforter

Renowned for its silky softness and durability, this green monogrammed duvet is a sure fun way to brighten up your bedroom. Made from machine-washable 100% cotton, this fabric is lightweight and can wash and dry easily. Designed specially to bring laidback luxury to your bed, this duvet is fabulous and the perfect weight for spring and summer.

Make comfort a priority with this green monogrammed duvet cover that keeps getting better and softer with every wash. It is designed to fit twin, full, queen and king size mattresses. It is made from a fleece top and a soft, breathable microfiber bottom.



Personalized Baseball Bedding Toddler, Boy Duvet Cover or Comforter, Custom Monogram Soft Comforter OR Duvet Cover

Bedding doesn’t get any better than this personalized baseball bedding. Experience the softness you love about your favorite t-shirt every time you slip into bed and don’t forget you are always close to your favorite game of baseball when you sleep at night. This personalized baseball bedding is knitted to perfection for superior breathability and comfort. A natural stretch also ensures that the comforter cover fits flawlessly on your duvet. Available in a fun and vibrant color, this bedding adds an alluring element to your bedroom.



Black and White Duvet Cover or Comforter, Monogrammed Duvet Cover, Personalized Duvet Cover or Comforter

Made from machine-washable 100% cotton, this enticing duvet cover and comforter gives your bedroom a tasteful, designer-inspired ambiance. You’ll look forward to slipping into the inviting sheets and bedding every night of the week.

This black and white duvet cover or comforter is simple and classic. The plain black and white color are true to its online image and the fabric is thick enough to not be see-through but thin enough to not add extra weight. Really inexpensive but definitely looks like a million bucks.



King Queen Bedding, Black and White Duvet Cover or Comforter, Monogrammed Duvet Cover, Girl Comforter Set Toddler

Indulge in the opulence of five-star hotel bedding. Made from the most luxurious cotton available, this duvet bedding is impeccably soft and smooth. Tailored beautifully, bringing a look of timeless sophistication to the master.

This exclusive bedding is crafted from 100% combed cotton woven with fine single yarns for incredible softness. Ideal for a beautiful couple. The black and white colors are ideal to coordinate this bedding with any décor.


Designing a custom duvet cover, whether it is intended for your home or for a gift, is a fun and personal endeavor. You can get started today with the simple process. Just choose your template, add your personal touches and get ready to enjoy your custom cover. All custom duvet cover comes in twin, full/queen or king size. The soft microfiber fabric is perfect for hot and cold sleepers alike and it is completely machine washable.

Asides from washing, caring properly for your duvet can help extend its life. Down comforters should be dry cleaned to prevent damaging the feathers and down inside. Duvets filled with other materials sometimes can be washed in a machine, but be sure to check the care instructions before deciding on a cleaning method.

Are you looking for fun and decorative sport shower curtains to complement your bathroom’s design? No doubt when you enter the bathroom the first thing you view is probably a shower curtain. Bathrooms are the most intimate regions in your home and shower curtains tend to be the spotlight of it. A sports shower curtain is a luxurious and rapid method to totally refresh your bathroom’s appearance. A great appearance of your bathroom contributes to a favorable environment in your home. Sport shower curtains are amazing gifts to give to your loved ones on their birthdays, weddings, homeworking and anniversaries. It is also the best way to show off your devotion and passion to a particular sport. FunnyShowerCurtains offers wonderful designs related to sport shower curtains.

Below we have added up some of the best sport shower curtains you can find.


1- Lady swimmers  shower curtain

Swimming is a great way to exercise, socialize and have fun. So how do you award a talented or passionate lady swimmer? Personalized swimming shower curtains are the best gifts you can offer them as it gives their bathrooms new looks and it allows them to share their passion for swimming. Funnyshowercurtains has amazing Christmas gift offers for shower curtains you can give to a passionate lady swimmer.

Click here to view this shower curtain.


2- Girls soccer shower curtain

Do you have a special lady or a friend who just happens to be a passionate soccer player? Are you looking for an amazing gift to offer them? How about a personalized soccer shower curtain with their favorite football player?  Surprising them with personalized soccer shower curtains gives rich looks for their bathrooms. It also gives them a great chance to show off their love and passion for soccer. offers amazing personalized soccer shower curtain designs for passionate lady soccer players.

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3- Boys basketball shower curtain

Boys love to play basketball as it tests and improve their mental, psychological and physical strength. If you have a special friend or boyfriend who is passionate about playing basketball, you can surprise them with fun and interesting personalized basketball shower curtains. This can help them to express their devotion for basketball. Giving them funny and interesting shower curtains can help them to enjoy their showers more often. Funny shower curtains offers stupendous funny and interesting personalized shower curtains for boys.

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4- Fire Basketball Shower Curtains

Basketball is fun, easy to learn and a game for all. If you have a kid, friend or lover who has a passion for playing basketball, you can cheer them up by giving them fun personalized basketball shower curtains. This gives their bathroom a rich design look to share their passion for basketball. You can now get fun personalized shower curtain designs at FunnyShowerCurtains. Click here to view this shower curtain.


5- Men’s basketball player silhouette

Do you have a special man in your life who is passionate about basketball? Do you wonder what gift to get them for their birthday or any other occasion? You can consider surprising them with a personalized basketball shower curtain with one of their best basketball players. This will give stunning looks for their bathroom and allow them to share their talents and devotions for basketball. Get a personalized basketball shower curtain design from Funnyshowercurtains and surprise your loved ones today.

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In conclusion, sport shower curtains are simply customizable. They are interesting gifts to give to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, weddings and much more. They give your bathrooms rich design looks that make it comfortable to enjoy your showers. They also portray their love towards a particular sport. Check out FunnyShowerCurtains for more related designs on sport shower curtains.






It is obvious that a bathroom is the most vital and most frequently visited component of a modern house. As is the case for any room that you visit very often, it needs good modeling. If you decorate your bathroom even with simple elements, you could change its look completely and add a great esthetic appeal to it. Among the items that can play a huge role in elevating the look of any bathroom are uniquely designed shower curtains.

Despite their simplicity, shower curtains are important for many reasons. Other than the fact that they can make your bathroom look amazing, they prevent the water from spilling all around your bathroom floor. This can become a necessity in homes with a single bathroom, where more than one person showers everyday.

In this post, we gathered some of the funniest shower curtains that will make you start your day in a good humour.

1- Funny Cartoon Cats Shower Curtains

If you are a cat lover you will adore this curtain. Cute cats of all colours will be staring at you with their bored sleepy eyes while you take your shower.

What makes this shower curtain very proficient is its good mildew and the fact that it’s water resistant. The fabric it’s made of is water repellant and mildew resistant. This will help maintain the shower curtain fresh and clean for a long time, making it an excellent investment on the long run.

It comes in different sizes according to your needs. If you have friends or relatives that love cats, this shower curtain will certainly make an awesome gift.

To learn more about this awesome product visit this page.

2- Jungle Animals Theme Custom Shower Curtains

Your kids will enjoy this shower curtain. With these cute looking animals printed, children will transform the bath tub into their playground!

This product comes in different sizes. In addition, you can customize it with your own words. You can print your child’s name on it, or any words that you believe will make this curtain even more fun.

The water-repellant nature of this curtain prevents the water from spilling all over your bathroom flour. It also helps dry the curtain easily after every shower.

Moreover, you can wash this shower curtain with ease. It is machine-washable, so care and maintenance should be the least of your concern.

Click here to learn more about this awesome curtain!

3- Cartoon Fishes Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is ideal for making simple and plain bathrooms look more fun. It is decorated with different cartoon fishes of all colours, which will make any bathroom appear less boring.

Do not worry about exposing this product to water frequently as it is 100% waterproof and will not be affected.Furthermore, its mildew resistant nature will not allow mildew and mold to develop. Thus, you will be able to keep your bath space clean and hygienic. This shower curtain is a cost-effective product that has a long durability.

Keep in mind that this shower curtain comes in different sizes. You can find more information, and pick the size that suits your bath tub here.

4- Palm Tree Shower Curtain

Do you love nature? Do you enjoy beaches, palm trees and blue skies? If your answer is yes, you have found the perfect addition to your bathroom. This product of is a great choice for your bathroom as it is both useful and beautiful. It has a number of palm trees printed on its cover, along with a blue and cheerful summer sky. If you value interior design, you will definitely like this shower curtain. The colours on this curtain have a unique and eye-catching design.Therefore, they will certainly increase the visual appeal of your bathroom. This shower curtain comes in different sizes. Besides, you can customize it with your own words. Visit this page to learn more about it.

The functions and uses of shower curtains are too important to be neglected. Therefore, every wise homeowner must have the will to equip his bathroom with high-quality shower curtains. I hope our list of 4 funny shower curtains will help your choice easier. You can find more awesome products at

Most of us believe that shower curtains are not important and redundant. Actually, they have numerous benefits that we’re not aware of. To begin with, a shower should be private. If you live in a home with one single bathroom, you will definitely need a shower curtain in order to enjoy that necessary privacy, in case someone else wants to use the space at the same time. Besides, a shower curtain allows you to keep the bathroom clean instead of wetting your entire bathroom floor. Moreover, you will avoid getting mold in your bathroom. Not to mention the fact that shower curtains are beautiful! They give a better look to your bathroom. Below are 7 monogram shower curtains you should definitely consider.

1- Green stripe shower curtains

These beautiful green stripe shower curtains will definitely add a good esthetic appeal to your bathroom. They are made from 100% polyester fabric. They also include a hole at the top of the curtains, which makes it simple to hang from your own shower curtain rings.

You can customize these curtains with your own words. Which makes it a great gift for weddings, birthdays, housewarmings etc…

Besides, it comes in different sizes. You can check these awesome curtains here.

2- Blue and flower shower curtains

This is considered one of the best shower curtains in the market for numerous reasons. First of all, it’s design is attractive and unique. The ocean blue colour gives a great sense of relaxation. Besides, these curtains are extremely easy to clean. Tossing it in the washing machine is all you have to do.

As is the case for all products at, you can customize these curtains with your own chosen words. which makes it an awesome and original gift.

Click here to learn more about these curtains.

3.Music Notes Shower Curtain

If you are a fan of music, you will certainly enjoy this curtain. It is made of black and white music notes. Diving into the music world while taking a shower is possible!

This product is made from 100% polyester fabric. Therefore, you can use it for a long period of time. As is the case for all the products on, it is easy to wash and has a long durability.

You can find these beautiful curtains here.

4.Cute Custom Dog Shower Curtains

Who would’ve thought that this cute dog is a convict! This funny shower curtain will bring a smile to your face every morning so that you start your day in a good humour.

You can also add your own words and customize this curtain in order to make it even funnier.

Needless to say that this product can make an excellent gift to friends and relatives.

It comes in different sizes and is made of 100% polyester.

You can learn more about this product here.

5.Pink and Black Stripe Paris Shower Curtain

Have you ever visited Paris? Is the city of lights one of your dream destinations? If the answer is yes, then you have found yourself a treasure. This product has a unique and innovative design. It is decorated by pink and black stripes, along with Eiffel towers that are surrounded by a few positive messages in French such as “Bonjour” and “Je t’aime”. Nothing better than good vibes when taking your morning shower!

You can customize this curtain with your own words, and give it as a gift to friends and family.

Click here to learn more about this product.

6.Personalized Basketball Shower Curtain

Decorate your bathroom with your favourite sport. This curtain is an excellent present for basketball fans. It has an innovative design that you can customize with your name, the name of the person you’re giving it to, or any message that you think will make this curtain even more awesome.

This curtain can be used for a long period of time as it is made out of 100% polyester. Making it a cost-effective investment.

Do note that you can buy this shower curtain in different sizes according to your needs.

Learn more about this curtain here.

7- Blue and white stripe, Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella Shower Curtains

This curtain is a great and unique gift for families with young kids. It is decorated with blue and white stripes, along with pictures of Disney stars loved by kids such as Cinderella, mermaids and snow white.

As is the case for all of the products at, this curtain can be washed easily, and can be used for a long period of time.

Learn more about this product here.

Final words

Shower curtains are necessary in every bathroom, and if chosen correctly, they can add a great esthetic appeal to it. This was our collection of 7 best monogram shower curtains for your bathroom. For more unique monogram shower curtains, check our full collection here.



Photo Tapestries

Many people have a misconception when it comes to tapestry. They may have an image in their head of designs from medieval or ancient times – something that doesn’t really suit their style and tastes. Tapestry pillows, throws and wall hangings that are available these days will certainly change your mind about those perceptions!

People are always looking for unique and unusual gifts to give to friends and family members.

Why not have their favorite photo woven into an exquisite tapestry pillow? This is an excellent way to have a favorite image displayed on a beautiful accessory that will be around for years. PictureWeave is a process where your favorite digital photo can be woven right into a rich, luxurious cotton jacquard material. This is not a stamped on image, this is an amazing image of your loved one that will remain forever! When you have tapestry pillows made using this process, you can be sure the quality and craftsmanship is top-notch.

Even if you don’t want a photo embellished accent, there are plenty of other styles and patterns that will change your mind about the “old-fashioned” medieval look. Tapestries can be made in nearly any style or design to meet your decor needs. Rich, bold designs colored darkly or light, creamy styles using dreamy pastels are just a couple of the hundreds of options you have to choose from.

Tapestry pillows are great whether you just want to add a bold touch to your decor, or want to give as a gift using a favorite photo of a loved one. When given as a gift, this is sure to be one of the most cherished the recipient will ever receive!

To shop home decor and tapestry products visit [].

Take a treasured family photo or a picture depicting a celebration and turn it into a pillow! This provides a way to display cherished photos in a unique way. The accent pieces to home décor can now tell a story of your life. Let the pictures in your world come to life. Photo pillows provide a way for the joys in life to be displayed as treasures around a home or office.

Using the latest technology, the selected photo is scanned into the computer. Here, the computer takes the image and transfers it into a woven image. Next, the image is woven into the fabric of the pillow using a computerized weaving machine. By weaving the photo into the actual fabric, the image is guaranteed to last for the life of the pillow. There will be no fading of the image over time or after washing the pillow. This makes photo pillows more desirable than scanned or copied image photo pillows.

The fabric used is 100% cotton blend with a polyester filling. The selected photo can be in color or black and white. The image appearing on the photo pillow does not have to match that of the original picture. For example, a black and white photo can appear in color on the photo pillow. The average pillow size available is 18″ pillows. This is ideal for the best resolution of the picture when woven into the pillow fabric.

Custom photo pillows can include any picture available. From family gatherings, to a celebration, there is no limit. Even the family pet can have a photo pillow. This is great way to introduce a new addition to the family or send a child off to college for the first time. The photo pillows are made of durable, cotton fabric with an easily removed slip cover. This allows for laundering the pillow to ensure a favorite memory stays crisp and fresh – in mind and in décor accents!

Many people partake in the daunting task of remodeling or changing the theme of their bathroom. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of remodeling outright before taking the time to switch around a few accessories to change the flow of the space beforehand. In going with this option, the most important thing accessory to change is the shower curtain; as it tends to be the most noticeable initially to a visitor.

While in fact modern and contemporary themes dominate the mainstream currently, there are still many unique and personalized shower curtain designs available; some of which incorporate modern or contemporary aspects within them. Some of these unique designs fall under the funky shower curtain category; that is a shower curtain design that is unique and very personality based. These designs consist of many different styles, from less mainstream fabrics to intricate patterns and designs.

Currently, there a few unique shower curtain designs that have taken off in popularity for those who prefer the unique styles over mainstream modern; abstract pictures, intricate shape bi-colored patterns, and pop culture portraits.

The first of these styles is the abstract picture category. These designs typically exhibit a strange picture that is warped or overtaken by unique colors or shapes. Generally, these designs incorporate neutral based colors, typically staying under 3 different hues; keeping up with simplicity.

The second of these popular styles consists of intricate shape bi-colored patterns. These patterns usually exhibit two colors, generally black and white with a wide array of different shapes, warped circles, and random angles. These can be a fun design to build a bathroom theme around due to their unique look.

The third of these designs is becoming one of the most popular, pop culture portraits. Currently, one of the top selling modern shower curtains is a curtain that has a black backdrop, and a white print of Marilyn Monroe. However, there are many other options for those who do not appreciate Marilyn as much as the next person.

In all, unique shower curtains can bring a very unique look to your bathroom theme. So take your time and find the perfect fit for your unique taste and desired bathroom theme.

It’s an all too familiar scene, a dull and dated bathroom, insufficient money in the bank to refurbish and a disillusioned spouse – can anything be done to brighten the place up while keeping within a very tight budget?

The answer is a resounding yes and it’s surprisingly simple! Using a personalized shower curtain as the focal point of your new decor, anyone can give their bathroom a new and sparkling look for less than you could possibly imagine! If you are skeptical you should read on…

The first thing you need to ascertain is how much light your bathroom has? Does it have larger windows that allow lots of light to flood in, is it short of natural light and suffering from a dull and dreary appearance, or does it not have any natural light at all?

The light situation is going to determine whether you have a free reign to use any colors or theme you want, or whether you need to stick to light and vibrant colors to improve a dull ambience.

I’m going to start with the worst case scenario – let’s assume your bathroom is not only dated, but it has little or no natural light.

I’m afraid your new decor is going to be limited to light and vibrant colors. Before I start talking about how to best customize a new shower curtain, there are a few other things you need to take a look at first.

The paint-work; is it in good condition and is it white? If the answer to either is no, you need to go to a hardware store, buy yourself some brilliant white gloss, and paint the bathroom woodwork.

The walls; are they tiled, painted or wall papered? If they are tiled and you have a limited budget there’s not much you can do, however, if they are painted or papered, you might want to consider redecorating them – if you do, make sure you use light colors to enhance the ambience. Of course, if you are repapering, it gives you the opportunity to choose a theme for your bathroom.

Lighting; is it possible or within your means to add additional lighting? If not, you need to put the brightest bulbs possible in your existing light fixtures.

Having done the basics, it’s now time to think about how you are going to personalize your shower curtain. If you have papered the walls and already chosen a theme, that will determine your design, however, the majority will have tiled or painted walls, thus you will be looking at a green field site as far as your design is concerned.

The most attractive and aesthetically pleasing themes often center on the ocean; two of the best are tropical beaches and sea shells. Assuming it doesn’t clash with existing tiles, a white sand beach lapped by translucent turquoise tropical waters and a clear blue sky, look absolutely incredible! As an alternative, if you think that’s too much, you may want to think about a collection of sea shells on a white background, either way, both will completely transform the look of any bathroom.

If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom that is flooded with light, your options are endless. However, before you get started, it’s still most important to look at the paint-work, walls and lighting as described above.

When it comes to designing your custom shower curtain, there are many dark designs that look absolutely stunning. How about red roses on a black background, a starry night scene or palm trees at dawn? All of these themes can bring out the best in a brightly lit bathroom.

Before I finish, there are a number of additional enhancements you can make to your bathroom, regardless of whether it is blessed with lots of light or not.

For the finishing touch, extend the theme of the shower curtain by placing conch and other sea shells around the bathroom, design your own custom towels, ornaments or framed tiles using the same theme, or even the identical design….. your bathroom will be transformed beyond your wildest imagination! is greatly experienced in the customized shower curtains industry. His website offers more than 100 fully customizable products, including customizable shower curtains that can be easily personalized with your own photos, logos, designs and text.